The Manteo Way

Marshes Light Marina
What most influenced our decision to own at Marshes Light? The location, the quality of the construction, and the quality of the development. —Nancy Mayer

While growth along the Outer Banks beaches catered to the vacationers, the townsfolk of historic Manteo worked to make their town something different: control growth and encourage neighborhoods:

A perfect balance of convenience and character, with room for commerce, but room for people as well—and a lifestyle worth living. So the people and leaders of Manteo went in a different direction from other Outer Banks towns. They call it “The Manteo Way.”

While other Outer Banks communities have come to resemble coastal strip malls, Manteo has become a classic waterfront village, thanks to the foresight of her citizens and a visionary mayor. Classic coastal architecture frames a downtown marina, boardwalk, inns, shops, galleries, museums, and cafes that keep things humming along in our waterfront town, while our homes are built in Craftsman, Colonial, and Victorian styles that complement our village character.

Yes, our town is special, and we know it. One visit to Manteo and you’ll know it too.